Return of the Waif

waif returns

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted. I hope that my lack of posting serves as a source of hope for you; you too will eventually get to a place where you put all the craziness behind you and get on with living. In time this whole experience is little more than a …

The Hopeless BPD Waif – Part 1

The BPD Waif will do just about anything to avoid being alone.  This is one of the characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder in general.  Being alone leaves the Borderline, who has no real core identity, feeling terribly empty and abandoned.   Fear of abandonment is another BPD characteristic that is at the foundation of Borderline …

The Waif’s Empty Eyes

borderline waif

One thing I noticed about my Borderline Waif ex-girlfriend is that her eyes almost always seemed lifeless and empty. It always seemed creepy to me. It is even noticeable in photos of her. She always appeared distant and alone, even in group shots when everyone was smiling (including her).

Borderline Personality Disorder – My Ex-Girlfriend Has BPD – Part 3

After our first meeting, I emailed her telling her I enjoyed meeting her and it was refreshing, nothing more. Did I want to see her again? I did, without a doubt, but I didn’t want to seem too eager. She responded that same day saying she too enjoyed our meeting. She also passed along her phone number and an invitation to meet again for coffee or dinner.