Borderline Personality Disorder – My Ex-Girlfriend Has BPD – Part 2

I met my exBPD girlfriend at the tail-end of my divorce. It was a vulnerable time for me. It is important that I make the vulnerability point very clear. Generally, a secure, strong-minded individual will not fall prey to the Borderline hunter. Make no mistake either, you are their prey.

We were in a bowling alley bar of all places… I sat there chatting it up with some guy who seemed a bit ‘off’ to me. It sounds most cliche, but when I looked up and saw her walking in, everything stopped. NEVER before had I been so physically drawn to a woman. Everything else faded quickly away. At that moment there was only my ex. She was something to behold, an image of perfection to me. Without a word, I was already hooked.

See, my mindset at the time was one of being a hopeless romantic. To me, this was love-at-first-sight (something you never believe in again post BPD-relationship). I had to meet her. Something inside (beyond and including my penis) had to meet this woman. If you know me well, you’d know that I am not the type of person to approach a girl so easily. But, I was driven. There was NO fear in me – no insecurity.

She sat two chairs away and I proceeded to chat with her. She was demure, witty, sexy, and very intelligent. She was nothing like my soon-to-be ex-wife. We hit it off. I felt the connection. The roles were already cast… She was the loving, gentle soul who was the victim of an overbearing, cheating husband. I was her savior, her protector.

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